Universal RAID Utility Ver5.01 (Windows Edition)
 [Software name   ] Universal RAID Utility Ver5.01
 [Registered name ] 061188-G02_637178038367238510.zip
 [Copyright (C)   ] NEC Corporation 2007-2020
 [Applicable model] Express5800/52Xa
                    Express5800/T110j-S (2nd-Gen)
                    Express5800/T110j (2nd-Gen)
 [Users           ] For users who will install following Windows on NEC Express5800
                    - Windows Server 2019
                    - Windows Server 2016
                    - Windows Server 2012 R2
                    - Windows Server 2012
                    - Windows Server 2008 R2
                    - Windows Server 2008
                    - Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 or later
                    - Windows 10
                    - Windows 8.1
                    - Windows 8
                    - Windows 7
                    - Windows XP Professional SP3 or later
                    - Windows Small Business Server 2011

 [Software type   ]  Utility
 [Creation method ]  Windows Zip format

[Software Introduction]
Universal RAID Utility (hereinafter called "this software") is RAID System
Management Utility for the following RAID Controllers.

  <RAID Controllers>
  - Onboard RAID Controller on NEC Express5800/52Xa, Y53Xi, 53Xi, R120d-1E,
    R120d-2E, R120e-1E, R120e-2E, T120d, T120e, GT110e, GT110e-S, R110f-1E,
    R110e-1E, T110f-E, T110f-S, E120d-1, B110d, B120d, B120d-h, B120e,
    B120e-h, B120f, B120f-h, T110g-S, T110g-E, R110g-1E, T120f, R120f-1E,
    R120f-2E, T110h-S, T110h, R110h-1, R120g-2E, T120g, E120g-M, R120g-1E,
    B120g-h, T110i-S, T110i, R110i-1, T110j-S, T110j-S (2nd-Gen), T110j,
    T110j (2nd-Gen)
  - N8103-149 RAID Controller (512MB, RAID 0/1)
  - N8103-150 RAID Controller (512MB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-151 RAID Controller (1GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-152 RAID Controller (1GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-160 RAID Controller (1GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-161 RAID Controller (1GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-167 RAID Controller (1GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-168 RAID Controller (1GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-171 RAID Controller (0MB, RAID 0/1)
  - N8103-172 RAID Controller (512MB, RAID 0/1)
  - N8103-173 RAID Controller (512MB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-174 RAID Controller (1GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-176 RAID Controller (1GB, RAID 0/1)
  - N8103-176A RAID Controller (1GB, RAID 0/1)
  - N8103-177 RAID Controller (1GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-177A RAID Controller (1GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-178 RAID Controller (2GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-178A RAID Controller (2GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-179 RAID Controller (2GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-188 RAID Controller (0GB, RAID 0/1)
  - N8103-205 RAID Controller (0GB, RAID 0/1)
  - N8103-206 RAID Controller (2GB, RAID 0/1)
  - N8103-207 RAID Controller (2GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-208 RAID Controller (4GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8103-210 RAID Controller (2GB, RAID 0/1)
  - N8103-211 RAID Controller (2GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - N8403-059 RAID Controller Kit(512MB, RAID 0/1)
  - N8404-007 Storage and I/O Blade AD106c
  - NE3303-177 RAID Controller (1GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - NE3303-178 RAID Controller (2GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)
  - NE3303-H004 RAID Controller (2GB, RAID 0/1/5/6)

Carefully read the following user license agreement for NEC software
before using this software. 
If you do not agree to the terms of the agreement, do not download this 
software. By downloading this software, you agree to be bound by the terms
of the agreement.

[User license agreement for NEC software] 
This user license agreement is an agreement between you and NEC Corporation
(hereinafter called "NEC"). 
Under the following terms of this agreement, NEC grants you the right to
use the software program (hereinafter called "licensed program"), and you
are to agree to the terms. You are to take responsibilities for the choice, 
installation, or use of the licensed program, or the results of the usage
of the usage of the licensed program.

1. Term 
(1) This user license agreement goes into effect on the day you receive
    this software product. 
(2) You may terminate the right to use the licensed program under this
    license agreement at any time by giving NEC a month's or longer notice
    by letter. 
(3) NEC may terminate your right to use the licensed program at any time,
    if you fail to comply with the terms of this user license agreement. 
(4) Your right to use the licensed program continues to exist until it
    terminates in accordance with the provisions of this user license
(5) When your right to use the licensed program terminates, all of your
    other rights under this user license agreement also terminate. You must
    destroy the licensed program, all the copies of the licensed program,
    and the related documents (e.g., manuals) provided with the licensed
    program as soon as your right to use the licensed program terminates. 

2. Use right 
You may use the licensed program only on NEC Express5800 servers using Windows 
as follows.
    - Windows Server 2019
    - Windows Server 2016
    - Windows Server 2012 R2
    - Windows Server 2012
    - Windows Server 2008 R2
    - Windows Server 2008
    - Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 or later
    - Windows 10
    - Windows 8.1
    - Windows 8
    - Windows 7
    - Windows XP Professional SP3 or later
    - Windows Small Business Server 2011

3. Copy, alteration, and linkage of the licensed program 
(1) You may make a copy of the licensed program only to use it as a backup
    copy in case the program data is lost or destroyed. However, this is
    not the case if the licensed program is installed in fixed storage.
    In this case, you may keep it only to use in case the storage medium of
    the licensed program is lost or destroyed. 
(2) You must give the expressions of the copyright of the licensed program
    and other rights to all the copies of the licensed program. 
(3) Unless otherwise specified in this user license agreement, you may not
    use, copy, alter, or link the licensed program, you may not reproduce
    it in publications or networks, or you may not make your own decision
    on handling it in any other ways. 
(4) You may not copy the related documents (e.g., manuals) provided with
    the licensed program or reproduce them in publications or networks
    under any circumstances. 
(5) This user license agreement is not to transfer the intellectual
    property for the licensed program to you. 

4. Transfer of the licensed program 
(1) You may transfer all of your rights under this user license agreement
    only if satisfying all the following condition: 
(a) You are to transfer this user license agreement, the licensed program,
    all the copies of the licensed program, and the related documents
    (e.g., manuals) provided with the licensed program, and retain none of
(b) The recipient agrees to the terms of this user license agreement. 
(2) Unless otherwise specified in this user license agreement, you may not
    loan or transfer the licensed program or the right to use it to a third
    party, or you may not make your own decision on handling it in any
    other ways. 

5. Decompilation 
You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the licensed program. 

6. Term of a guarantee 
(1) NEC does not give any guarantee for the licensed program. You are to be
    liable and to pay for problems arising from the use of the licensed
(2) Irrespective of the term (1), when NEC corrects licensed-program errors
    (bugs), NEC may, at its discretion, provide an error-corrected program,
    a program for correction (hereinafter called a modification program),
    or information for correction by an NEC-decided method. The modification
    program provided to you is regarded as the licensed program. 

7. No liability 
 NEC assumes no liability for your lost profit, damages arising from
 special circumstances (including damages which NEC can or could foresee),
 or damages you are asked for by any third party. 

8. Others 
 Disputes over this user license agreement are to be settled at the Tokyo
 District Court as the exclusively agreed competent court.


[Installation Procedure]

Please extract the installation image and then start installation.
Refer to the "Universal RAID Utility User's Guide" which is contained in 
the installation image for the detailed procedure of the installation.

(1) Download the archives "061188-G02_637178038367238510.zip" and

(2) Copy the archives to any folder in the server in which this software
    will be installed.

(3) The archives "061188-G02_637178038367238510.zip" and "uru50eug_compH.zip"
    are in the Windows ZIP format. 
    After extracting the archives, the following files will appear.
    - Universal RAID Utility Ver5.01 Installation Image
      061188-G02_637178038367238510 folder
        - windows folder
          - Setup.exe  - Universal RAID Utility Setup Program
          - eci folder - Setup Program related modules
        - Universal RAID Utility Update Tool - for ExpressUpdate
    - Universal RAID Utility User's Guide
      - uru50eug.pdf  - User's Guide
      - uru50euga.pdf - Appendix A : Glossary
      - uru50eugb.pdf - Appendix B : raidcmd Command Reference
      - uru50eugc.pdf - Appendix C : Logs/Events

(4) To install this software, please refer to the section [Installation
    and Uninstallation] in "Universal RAID Utility User's Guide".


[General Notice]

1. The target Express5800 models and RAID Controllers for this software are
   different from those for Universal RAID Utility Ver2.36 and Ver4.02. If
   your system environment does not match any of the models and RAID
   Controllers shown in [Applicable model] and [Users] above, please use
   Universal RAID Utility Ver2.36 or Ver4.02.

2. The RAID Viewer and the Log Viewer are not available in Windows Server
   2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server
   2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 Server Core.
   Use raidcmd with the administrative right.

3. About support of Solid State Drive(SSD)
   To display the Solid State Drive correctly in the environment where
   the onboard RAID Controllers (LSI Embedded MegaRAID) are used, you
   need the driver ver14.00.1026 or later which supports the Solid State
   Please check if the version of driver is 14.00.1026 or later.

4. The maximum number of IP addresses on OS that can be enabled in the
   computer is 42. 
   Universal RAID Utility cannot communicate with NEC ESMPRO Manager if more
   than 42 IP addresses are set enabled. 

5. The TCP ports Universal RAID Utility uses have been changed in Ver2.61 and
   the later versions as follows. 
       data port      - 52805(Ver2.6 and earlier) - 5016(Ver2.61 and later)
       event port     - 52806(Ver2.6 and earlier) - 5017(Ver2.61 and later)
       raidsrv Agent  - 52807(Ver2.6 and earlier) - 5018(Ver2.61 and later)

   The change has no effect on operations of Universal RAID Utility. 
   In the following cases, however, you must change the settings of Universal
   RAID Utility depending on your environment settings. Be sure to check the
   description in [TCP ports used by Universal RAID Utility] in the Universal
   RAID Utility User's Guide. 
   (1)  You customized the TCP ports Universal RAID Utility uses and you would
        like to continue using them, and/or
   (2)  You are going to update Universal RAID Utility from Ver2.6 or earlier
        versions to Ver2.61 or later versions using ExpressUpdate.

   Also you must change the settings of other applications in the following
   cases. Be sure to check the description in [TCP ports used by Universal
   RAID Utility] in the Universal RAID Utility User's Guide.
   (1)  You have specified the TCP port numbers Universal RAID Utility uses
        for the firewall settings, and/or
   (2)  Other applications in you environment have been using the TCP ports,
        5016, 5017, and 5018. 

6. Notes on use of function to Make/Remove Hot Spare by NEC ESMPRO Manager
   You can use this function only NEC ESMPRO Manager Ver. 5.72 or later.

7. Some symptoms occur when you monitor RAID Controllers using Universal RAID
   See the "URU_Notification_en.pdf" file attached to this page for details. 
[Revision History]
  2020/2/26  Ver5.01 Rev 3709
     1. Additional support of the applicable model
        - Express5800/T110j-S (2nd-Gen)
        - Express5800/T110j (2nd-Gen)

  2020/1/24  Ver5.01 Rev 3709
  First version released.
     1. Improvement of the event contents.

[Attached Files]
 size    date                filename
36846425 2020-02-20 13:59:56 061188-G02_637178038367238510.zip
 2622096 2020-01-17 17:08:45 uru50eug_compH.zip

You can check the integrity of the downloaded file by comparing the 
following values in the md5sum column and the MD5 checksums of the files 
you have downloaded. If the checksums do not match, it means an error 
occurred during download.

 md5sum                           filename
25e354909eef356b0582c85108e9d544  061188-G02_637178038367238510.zip
5476d3901d05f00bd7a2ee4dc16ec6cb  uru50eug_compH.zip

- 061188-G02_637178038367238510.zip
 date              size             filename
2011/05/09  11:09                37 uruSetup.bat
2011/05/13  20:11               509 setup.iss
2013/02/19  21:16            11,867 uruSetup.js
2020/02/20  11:11             7,532 readme_jp.txt
2020/02/20  11:11             7,212 readme_en.txt
2020/02/20  14:01            23,563 ExUpInfo.xml
2020/02/20  14:01               146 ExUpHash.xml
2019/07/05  15:10        13,062,912 windows/Setup.exe
2019/06/07  16:00         4,214,054 windows/eci/Data1.cab
2019/06/07  16:00         2,243,470 windows/eci/ISSetup.dll
2019/06/07  16:00         2,330,422 windows/eci/setup.exe
2019/06/07  16:00               197 windows/eci/update.iss
2019/06/07  16:00               318 windows/eci/setup.iss
2019/06/07  16:00           328,704 windows/eci/ExpressUpdate Agent.msi
2019/06/07  16:00            36,352 windows/eci/1041.mst
2019/06/07  16:00             8,192 windows/eci/1033.mst
2019/06/07  16:00         3,919,945 windows/eci/src/libiconv-1.9.2.tar.gz
2019/06/07  16:00             1,172 windows/eci/src/axis2c-src-1.6.0.patch
2019/06/07  16:00             6,331 windows/eci/src/openslp-2.0.beta1.patch
2019/06/07  16:00               554 windows/eci/src/axis2c-1.6.0.patch
2019/06/07  16:00               381 windows/eci/src/readme.txt
2019/06/07  16:00                45 windows/eci/src/revision.txt
2019/06/07  16:00         5,642,684 windows/eci/src/openslp-2.0.beta1.zip
2019/06/07  16:00         8,247,659 windows/eci/src/axis2c-src-1.6.0.zip
2019/06/07  16:00             1,686 windows/eci/doc/OpenSLP_license.txt
2019/06/07  16:00             2,244 windows/eci/doc/OpenSSL_WOILA.txt
2019/06/07  16:00             6,406 windows/eci/doc/OpenSSL_license.txt
2019/06/07  16:00             1,249 windows/eci/doc/zlib_license.txt
2019/06/07  16:00            11,560 windows/eci/doc/ApacheLicense_v2.txt
2019/06/07  16:00            25,283 windows/eci/doc/LGPL_v2.txt
2019/06/07  16:00               568 windows/eci/doc/ApacheNotice.txt
2019/06/07  16:00             1,162 windows/eci/doc/MIT_license.txt
2019/06/07  16:00             3,458 windows/eci/doc/OpenSLP_EULA.txt

- uru50eug_compH.zip
 date              size             filename
2020/01/17  14:34         2,367,405 uru50eug.pdf
2015/10/09  14:18            78,843 uru50euga.pdf
2015/10/09  14:21           202,140 uru50eugb.pdf
2020/01/17  14:45           168,320 uru50eugc.pdf

[Trademarks and Copyright]

The copyright for this software is held by NEC.
*Microsoft, Windows and Windows Server are either registered trademarks or
 trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other 
*All other company and product names in this document are the registered
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