*The renewal contents.

 * NEC ESMPRO ServerAgentService Ver1.2

  - Memory usage monitoring is supported.

  - PCIeSSD Monitoring is supported.

  - Fixed a problem that a monitoring module is likely to stop in case of
    continuous operation.

  - It's corrected that a certificate may be made by SHA256 algorithm at
    the time of certificate making in makecert.exe of a HTTPS setting 
    tool (ESMHttps.bat).

  - Fixed on the NEC ESMPRO ServerAgentService storage and file system
    - Processing of the time of management file injustice is improved.

  - Correction of Collect.
    - WMI information extraction of a memory amount of consumption watch.
    - Log extraction for SSD monitorin provider inner operations checks.

 * NEC ESMPRO ServerAgentService Ver1.1

  - CPU/Memory Fallback monitoring is supported.

  - A certificate can be made by a HTTPS setting tool (ESMHttps.bat).

  - The problem that wrong indication of status and report sometimes occur
    at the time of threshold value change is corrected about a CPU load
    monitoring system.

  - The report level of the event of "Chassis Intrusion"
    (source name :ESMCommonService and event ID:1002) is changed to
    "warning" from "information".

  - The product name in the event message to register at the time of
    shut down is corrected.  

  - The problem that CIM Indication cannot be sent at the time of 
    SQL Server coexistence is corrected.

 * NEC ESMPRO ServerAgentService Ver1.05

  - Fixed the following problem when it is updated to NEC ESMPRO 
    ServerAgentService Ver. 1.04. If NEC ESMPRO ServerAgentService's
    install destination folder was changed from default folder (C:\ESM) 
    into others, the storage information on NEC ESMPRO Manager does not 
    display correctly.

  - The problem which the following log is registered in system event log
    is corrected.
      Source   : ESMCommonService
      Event ID : 9108
      Level    : Error
      Description : An unexpected exception occurred during the provider
                    The monitoring will be stopped. Provider (ESM_Processor)

  - The problem which the memory usage of WmiPrvSE.exe increases
    about 5 KB at the time of CIM-Indication report is corrected.

 * NEC ESMPRO ServerAgentService Ver1.04

  - The problem of sometimes reading beyond reserved memory 
    when ESM System Management Service (esmsmsrv.exe) starts is corrected.

      When using a page heap setting tool (Gflags tool and Pageheap tool of
      Microsoft), this problem is tangible.

  - Fixed on the NEC ESMPRO ServerAgentService storage and file system

    - Fixed an issue where the configuration of the server where you 
      installed NEC ESMPRO ServerAgentService even though not changed, 
      NEC ESMPRO Manager displays "Constitution information has changed".
       + For NEC ESMPRO ServerAgentService Ver. 1.01

    - Fixed an issue that ESMCommonService's warning and error event will be 
      registered in the log (monitoring thread reboot) in an environment 
      where the N8103-142 or N8013-184 SAS controller is used on Windows 
      Server 2008 R1 (x86).
       + For NEC ESMPRO ServerAgentService Ver. 1.01, 1.02