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Notes on log file of NEC ESMPRO Manager Ver.6.40-6.42

Updated: Auguest 23, 2019
Published: Auguest 23, 2019


File size of NEC ESMPRO Manager log may continue to increase when NEC ESMPRO Manager is running.


NEC ESMPRO/ServerManager Ver.6.40-6.42 is running.


When NEC ESMPRO/ServerManager Ver.6.40-6.42 is running, file size of following log may continue to increase.
<<Installed Folder of NEC ESMPRO/ServerManager>>\ESMWEB\wbserver\webapps\esmpro\WEB-INF\service\log\jslcmn\stdout.log


This issue can work around with one of the following workarounds.

1. Restart the Service of NEC ESMPRO/ServerManager (or OS) regularly.
# When Service is restarted, this log file will be reset.

2. Fix the following log setting file.

[Target File]
<<Installed Folder of NEC ESMPRO/ServerManager>>\ESMWEB\wbserver\webapps\esmpro\WEB-INF\service\

[Fix procedures]
Update the setting file as below.

log4j.rootLogger=info, stdout

log4j.appender.null = org.apache.log4j.varia.NullAppender
log4j.rootLogger=info, null

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