NEC ESMPRO Manager Update
 [ Software name ]  NEC ESMPRO Manager
 [ Registered name ]  Update.zip
 [ Copyright (C) ]  NEC Corporation 2022
 [ Target versions ]
               NEC ESMPRO Manager Ver6.52 - Ver6.59
 [ Software type ]  Application software
 [ Creation method ]  Zip


The version does not change after applying the update.

[How to apply the update]

 1) Log onto the server as a user with administrative privileges.

 2) Run the following update program.

   Select the following batch file in Windows Explorer,
   and run it by clicking the 'Run as administrator' option
   on the right click mouse button menu.


    * To run the batch file from a command prompt,
      right-click the 'command prompt' option on the [Start] menu,
      and open the command prompt by clicking the 'Run as
      administrator' option on the menu shown.

 3) Finish update

   The effect of the update will become effective immediately.
   If you see the message "Restart the system to enable the update",
   restart the system.

[How to check the result of applying the update]

 Verify that the following files are replaced.

 * According to the Windows operating system being used,
   check files under either of the following folders.

      File name              Date              Size
      EntryManager.class     2022/08/17 09:25  72,380
      EntryManager$1.class   2022/08/17 09:25   1,483

    According to the result (success or failure),
    one of the following exit codes (%errorlevel%) is returned.

     Code | Description
       0  | Successful completion.
       1  | Not the target version of this UPDATE.
       2  | An error occurred during stopping service.

 1) A version confirmation procedure of NEC ESMPRO Manager is as follows.
    Click [NEC ESMPRO] in [NEC ESMPRO Manager] under [all programs
    (program)] from [Start] menu.
    Please confirm the current version on the 'Manager' tab.

 2) The log of this update is %AppData%\SMRMGR_YYYYMMDD-HHMM.log.
    YYYYMMDD-HHMM is date and time of run the update.

[ Trademarks and copyright ]
The copyrights for this software is held by NEC.

* Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Server are registered trademarks or trademarks
  of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
* All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of
  their respective owners.

Copyright (C) NEC Corporation 2022