[ Software name ]
  NEC Express5800/120Lh System BIOS
[ Registered name ]    U3370051.exe
[ Applicable models ]  NEC Express5800/120Lh 
[ Users ]  See below [Users whose system needs to be updated].  
[ Software type ]  System BIOS
[ Creation method ] Self-extract 


[ Software introduction ] 
This System BIOS (System BIOS Version 3.0 Rel 6.0.5N51) is programmed allow 
the NEC Express5800/120Lh systems to support Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions.

Notes: Incorrect update operations may cause a system start failure. 
Read this explanation thoroughly, until fully understanding the correct system 
update procedures. If an unexpected problem arises (e.g., power failure, lightning, 
shutdown, or noise) during the data rewrite process, a system malfunction or the power 
supply loss may occur, resulting in equipment damaged, which may cause the equipment to 
fail or operate incorrectly. In such a case, repair expenses may be charged to the customer. 

[ Users whose system needs to be updated ] 
Models with BIOS versions which fit the descriptions below will require BIOS updating.

- Models
NEC Express5800/120Lh:  N8100-941F, N8100-942F, N8100-943F, N8100-941AF, N8100-942AF, 
                        N8100-943AF, N8100-1025F
                        N8100-941G, N8100-942G, N8100-943G, N8100-941AG, N8100-942AG, 
						N8100-943AG, N8100-1025G
- Software versions
    (1)Phoenix ServerBIOS 3 Release 6.0.2N42
    (2)Phoenix ServerBIOS 3 Release 6.0.4N46
    (3)Phoenix ServerBIOS 3 Release 6.0.5N47

Notes: If the software versions of the present system are newer than the above 
stated revisions, the system does not require software updating. Functions equivalent to 
those of these software updates will have already been applied.. 

Be certain to confirm the software versions of your system.
Version confirmation procedures:

(1)  Power on the machine. 
(2)  When the following message appears, press the F2 key to start the BIOS Setup Menu. 
                              "Press  to enter SETUP"

(3)  Using the arrow keys, move the cursor to [Server]. 
(4)  Select the [System Management] sub menu and press the Enter key. 
(5)  The software versions of your system will be displayed. 
(6)  After confirmation of the software versions, press the ESC key and exit 
the [System Management] sub menu. 
(7)  Move the cursor to [Exit], using the arrow keys. 
(8)  Select [Exit Discarding Changes], and exit the BIOS Setup Menu. 

Refer to the User's Guide for details on BIOS Setup. 

Be certain to read carefully the following NEC software license agreement before 
applying this software update module. If you can not agree to the terms of the agreement, 
do not download this software. By downloading the software you will be bounded 
by the terms of the agreement. 

[ User license agreement for NEC software ]

This user license agreement is an agreement between you and the NEC Corporation 
(hereinafter referred to as NEC). Under the following terms of agreement, NEC grants 
you the right to utilize this software program (hereinafter referred to as 
"licensed program"), but the customer will be bound to these to the terms. 
NEC will not be held liable for the use, installation, or the results of the 
use of the licensed program.

1. Terms 
(1) This user license agreement takes effect from the day the software product¥ is 
received by the user.
(2) You may terminate your rights to use the licensed program under this user 
license agreement at any time, by notifying NEC, in writing, at least one month or 
longer prior to the requested date of termination.
(3) NEC reserves the right to terminate this license agreement if you violate 
any of the provisions in this agreement.
(4) Your rights to use the licensed program will continue until it is terminated 
in accordance with the provisions stated in this license agreement.
(5) If the agreement is terminated for any reason by either party, you are required 
to destroy the software, copies of the software and its manuals and media, 
or return them to NEC immediately. 

2. Usage right 
You may use the licensed program only on NEC Express server (NEC Express5800/100 series) 
using your Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, or Intranet Ware.

3. Copying, altering, and combining of the licensed program 
(1) You are granted the permission to create on copy of the licensed program to use 
as a backup in case the program data becomes lost, damaged or destroyed. Once the 
licensed program is loaded into memory on a PC, a copy of the program may be stored 
only as backup incase the fixed memory of the PC becomes damaged or lost.
(2) The copyrights and license agreement must be attached to all copies of the 
licensed program.
(3) Unless otherwise specified in this user license agreement, you may not use, copy, 
alter the licensed program or combine it with another module. It may not reproduced 
in any publications or networks. The handling of the licensed program and/or documents 
must strictly follow the terms and conditions of this license agreement, and at 
no time shall it be handled in any other terms.
(4) All related documents (e.g., manuals) provided with the licensed program
may not be copied, altered or reproduced in any publications or networks, under 
any circumstances.
(5) This user license agreement does not transfer the intellectual property 
of the licensed program to the user. 

4. Transfer of the licensed program 
(1) All rights of this license agreement may be transferred to another party ONLY 
when the following conditions are satisfied: 
(a) All materials including the licensed program, all copies of the licensed program, 
this license agreement, and all other related documents are transferred to the other 
party, and no material concerning the licensed program is retained by you. 
(b) The recipient party agrees to conform to the terms of this user license agreement. 
(2) Unless otherwise specified in this user license agreement, the licensed program 
or rights for its use may not be transferred to a third party. All matters concerning 
the transferring of the rights and program must strictly follow the terms and 
conditions included in this license agreement. 

5. Decompilation 
You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the licensed program.

6. Term of a guarantee 
(1) NEC makes no warranties, expressed or implied concerning this licensed program, 
and will at no time, be held liable to pay for any expenses which may be incurred, 
should a problem result from the use of the licensed program.
(2) Regardless of the terms stated above in term (1), upon correction of the 
licensed program errors (bugs), NEC may, at its own discretion, release an update 
patch for error-correction (hereinafter referred to as modification program), 
or information, including NEC approved method of error correction. The modification 
program provided to you will be regarded as the licensed program, and will follow 
the terms and conditions of this license agreement.

7. No liability 
In no event shall NEC be held responsible for any indirect, direct or consequential 
damages (including damages which NEC can or can not foresee) which may be claimed 
to you by a third party.

8. Others 
The user must agree that any disputes concerning this user license agreement will be 
settled at the Tokyo district court as the exclusively appointed court. 


Follow the procedures below to extract the licensed software, and update the old system BIOS.

[ Extraction procedure ] 
(1)  Download U3370051.exe to a desired suitable location. (The C:¥TEMP folder is the 
download destination in this example.) 
(2)  Click the [Start] button, and then click [Run...]. 
(3)  Enter "C:¥TEMP¥U3370051.exe" into the "Open" field, and then click the [OK] button.
You will be prompted to select a folder in which the extracted files will be stored. 
The required software and explanation files will be extracted to that specified folder.