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NEC Express 5800 Windows® Server 2003 SP1 Support Kit

NEC ESMPRO Manager, Agent

1.When you apply Windows Server 2003 SP1 to your NEC Express5800 systems, please apply also NEC ESMPRO Agent Windows Server 2003 SP1 Update Module.

2.When using NEC ESMPRO Manager or Agent on the Windows Server 2003 SP1 with Windows Firewall enabled, please open the Windows Firewall port.

If Windows Firewall is enabled on Windows Server 2003 SP1 (default setting is disabled), NEC ESMPRO Manager cannot communicate with NEC ESMPRO Agent and server is not monitored.
In case of enabling Windows Firewall, please follow the procedure below.

(1) Click [Start] button, and click [Run]. Put Firewall.cpl in name box, and click [OK].
(2) Click [Exceptions] tab at [Windows Firewall] dialog box, and click [Add a Port].

Windows Firewall

(3) Input [Name] and [Port Number] at [Add a Port] dialog box, select [TCP] or [UDP], and click [OK].

Add a Port

Ports to be defined on NEC ESMPRO Manager
Name Port Protocol Environment
Inter-Manager Communication 8806 TCP Using the function of Inter-Manager communication
SNMP Trap 162 UDP Using "Manager (SNMP)"
Manager(TCP/IP In-Band) 31134 TCP Using "Manager (TCP/IP in Band)"

Ports to be defined on NEC ESMPRO Agent
Name Port Protocol Environment
SNMP 161 UDP All

(4) Click [Advanced] tab at [Windows Firewall] dialog box, and click ICMP [Settings].

(5) Check "Allow incoming echo request" and click [OK].

3. NEC ESMPRO Manager on the Windows Server 2003 SP1 may not monitor the server that has the network card with the multiple IP addresses.

When multiple IP addresses are set to one Network Interface card in a monitored server, IP Address in SNMP response packet from ESMPRO Server Agent may differ from IP address in SNMP request packet from ESMPRO Server Manager. In such case, the server can't be monitored when ESMPRO Server Manager receives response packet from Server Agent before starting Windows firewall Service

In ESMPRO/Server Manager Operation Window, open Property Window of Server icon. Change the IP Address to another address set to the target server. Then reboot the system.

4. NEC ESMPRO Manager and Agent on Windows Server 2003 SP1 do not support DMI.

5. Ports that used by NEC ESMPRO Manager and Agent

Between Manager and Agent
Function Manager Direction Agent Remarks
Operation Window Autodiscovery Undetermined
- icmp
Data Viewer/Detect Server Down
161/udp snmp
Data Viewer/Detect Server Down
135/tcp+Undetermined rpc(tcp)
Manager (SNMP) 162/udp Undetermined snmp-trap
Manager (TCP/IP In-Bnad) 31134/tcp
Manager (DMI) Undetermined

On data correction / data report via DMI, both of source port and destination port will be undetermined. DMI is protocol for non-NEC Servers and need not to be used for monitoring Express Server.

Between Manager and Manager
Function Manager Direction Manager Remarks
Inter-Manager Communication Undetermined

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