Release Notes for N8190-127 Fire Channel controller firmware update module
(Firmware: 272a2)

Software name    : N8190-127 Fibre Channel controller firmware update module
Registered name  : FC127EFR20.EXE
Models           : N8190-127
Users            : See below [Users whose system needs to be updated].
Type of software : Option card firmware
Type of file     : Self-extracting

[ About the software ]

This firmware (272a2) update modules (hereinafter called "this software") are 
programmed allow the N8190-127 Fibre Channel controller systems to support 
Microsoft(R) Windows Server(R) 2008.

Notes: Incorrect update operations may cause a system start failure. Read this 
explanation thoroughly, until fully understanding the correct system update 
procedures. If an unexpected problem arises (e.g., power failure, lightning, 
shutdown, or noise) during the data rewrite process, a system malfunction or the 
power supply loss may occur, resulting in equipment damaged, which may cause the 
equipment to fail or operate incorrectly. In such a case, repair expenses may be 
charged to the customer.

[ Users whose system needs to be updated ]

Fibre Channel controllers firmware versions which fit the descriptions below will 
require updating.

- Fibre Channel controllers

- Firmware versions
   Firmware: WS2.50A4

Notes: If the firmware versions of the Fibre Channel controllers are later than 
the above stated versions, the Fibre Channel controllers do not require firmware 
updating. Functions equivalent to those of these firmware updates will have 
already been applied.

- How to confirm your Fibre Channel controller firmware version:

(1) Power on the system which the Fibre Channel controllers are installed in.

(2) When the following message appears, press the <Alt> and <e> key to start the 
    BIOS Menu.
                    Press <Alt E> To Go To EMULEX BIOS Utility
                    Press <s> To Skip EMULEX BIOS 

    (If the message has not been displayed, you need to enable the extended ROM 
     of PCI slot which the Fibre Channel controller installed and disable the 
     extended ROM such as on board SCSI or on board LAN temporarily. Refer to the 
     User's Guide for how to enable or disable the extended ROM.)

(3) In the BIOS menu, installed Fibre Channel controllers are listed, and then 
    enter the number of the "LPe1150-F4" or "LPe1150-F4-N"

(4) The property of the Fibre Channel controller with the entered number is 
    displayed, and then confirm the Firmware Version which is displayed in upper 
    right of the BIOS menu.

(5) Press <ESC> key to return to the top menu and select and confirm the next 
    "LPe1150-F4" or "LPe1150-F4-N" Firmware Version in the same way.

(6) After confirmation of the software versions, press <x> key and reboot the 
    (If in step (2) you changed the extended ROM setting, you should return to 
     the former setting.)

Please read the following User License Agreement ("Agreement") carefully.  If
you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you shall not
download the Software. Downloading the Software indicates your acceptance of
the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

[ User License Agreement ]

NEC Corporation ("NEC") grants you the right to use the Software under the
terms and conditions of this Agreement only in the country in which you
acquired the Software. You shall agree to all provisions of this Agreement and
assume responsibility for selection, installation, use and effect of the
Software purchased for your desired effect.

1. Terms 
1.1 This Agreement shall come into force on the date of your receipt of the
1.2 You may terminate the license granted hereunder by notifying us in writing
    at least one month prior to the desired termination date.
1.3 NEC may terminate the license granted you hereunder at any time if you
    fail to comply with any terms and conditions of this Agreement. 
1.4 The license to the Software shall remain in force until the license is
    terminated on the date set forth hereunder. 
1.5 Upon termination of the license, other rights granted you hereunder shall
    also be terminated. You must destroy or dispose of the Software, any copies
    of the Software and manual and other materials provided with the Software. 

2. Copyright 
2.1 The Software shall solely be used in the NEC Express5800 servers.
2.2 NEC grants you the right to use the Software only in the country in which
    you acquired the Software in accordance with the conditions of the
    preceding paragraph.

3. Copying, altering, and combining of the Software
3.1 You may only make one copy of the Software solely for a backup purpose,
    provided, however, that the copy of the Software is loaded into permanent
    memory of the system. You may store the Software solely to prevent damages
    or loss of the memory media.
3.2 You shall place the copyright notice and other legends on each copy of the
3.3 You may not use, copy, alter, combine, publish, reproduce the Software over
    the Internet, or otherwise dispose of the Software except as provided in
    this Agreement. 
3.4 You may not copy, publish the manual or other related documentation
    provided with the Software, or reproduce such manual and documentation over
    the Internet.
3.5 No intangible property right to the Software shall be transferred to you.

4. Transfer
4.1 You may assign your rights granted hereunder to a third party only if all
    conditions below are satisfied: 
    a. You shall assign and shall not retain this Agreement, the Software, all
       copies of the Software, or the manual or other related documentation
       provided with the Software. 
    b. The transferee agrees to this Agreement.
4.2 You shall not sublicense, assign, transfer, or otherwise dispose of the
    Software or the right of use to any third party except as provided herein.

5. Reverse compile
You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or otherwise disassemble the Software.

6. Limitation of warranties
6.1 The Software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. In no event
    shall NEC be liable with respect to any claim by you on account of or
    arising out of the use of the Software.
6.2 Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in case NEC
    makes any bug-fix version to the Software, NEC will, at its expense,
    furnish you with such bug-fix version, update version, or information in
    relation to such bug-fix or update version both in the source code form and
    object code form, and such bug-fix version or update version shall be
    considered as the licensed Software.

7. No liability 
In no event shall NEC be liable for any indirect or consequential damages or
loss of profit or damages based on any third party claim, even if NEC has been
advised of the possibility of such damages. 

8. Others 
You must agree that any disputes concerning this Agreement will be settled at
the Tokyo district court as the exclusively appointed court. 

[ Firmware update procedure ]

Perform the following steps to extract the Software and update your Fibre Channel 
controller firmware.

- How to extract:

(1) Download FC127EFR20.EXE a desired directory. (for example, "C:¥TEMP" folder) 
(2) Click the [Start] button, and then click [Run...].
(3) Enter "C:¥TEMP¥FC127EFR20.EXE" in the "Open" field, and then click the [OK].

    You will be prompted to select a folder to store the extracted files.
    The Software and its installation procedures ("readme.txt") will be
    extracted to that specified folder.

[ Trademarks and copyright ]

The copyrights for this software is held by NEC and/or 3rd party which developed 
the licensed software.

* Microsoft and Windows Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation 
  in the U.S.A. and other countries.
* EMULEX is registered trademark of Emulex Corporation in the U.S.A. and other 
* All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of 
  their respective owners.

Copyright (c) NEC Corporation 2008