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Notes on using Express5800/D120h,T110j,T110j-S server with Express Report Service (MG) Ver.3.4 or earlier (Windows) and NEC ESMPRO Manager Ver.6.22 or later

Published: December 26, 2018


When you are managing Express5800/D120h,T110j,T110j-S servers on NEC ESMPRO Manager and you are using Express Report Service (MG) Ver.3.4 or earlier (Windows), the following functions of Express Report Service (MG) fail.

- "Connecting to server" for Express5800/D120h,T110j,T110j-S

- "Heart Beat Report" for Express5800/D120h,T110j,T110j-S


In order to avoid the issue, apply update module to NEC ESMPRO Manager Ver.6.22 or later.


Regarding procedure of update module, follow the PROCEDURE_for_ESMSM_UPDATE_W.



1. It is not necessary to apply this update module in the following case.

- When you do NOT use Express Report Service (MG) Ver.3.4 or earlier (Windows)

- When you do NOT manage Express5800/D120h,T110j,T110j-S server on NEC ESMPRO Manager.

2. This update module cannot be applied to earlier version than Ver.6.22 of NEC ESMPRO Manager.

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