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NEC Express5800 Server Series
Windows Server® 2022

Support Information

Published: April 26, 2022

Updated: March 8, 2023

What's New

  • April 26, 2022 The first edition.
  • March 8, 2023 Supported Models are renewed. Restrictions are updated.

Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2022 is the latest server operating system with enhanced security, enhanced hybrid capabilities with Azure, and enhanced container functionality.

This website provides information about Windows Server 2022 regarding Express5800 Series Servers.

Refer to the following websites for the details of Windows Server 2022.

Support status on Express5800 series servers

Supported OS Editions

Supported Models

Windows Server 2022 is available on the following Express5800 series server models or later.

To install Windows Server 2022, you must need a Starter Pack or EXPRESSBUILDER and System BIOS that supports Windows Server 2022.

= Rack Servers =
Model name Supported version
Starter Pack Version S8.10-010.01 or later
Starter Pack Version S8.10-010.03 or later
Starter Pack Version S8.10-010.04 or later
= Tower Servers =
Model name Supported version
Express5800/T110h Starter Pack Version S8.10-010.04 or later
EXPRESSBUILDER Version 7.10-021.02 or later
System BIOS F09 or later

Secured-core Server

Refer to the following websites for the details of Secured-core Server.

The following models support Secured-core Server (except when equipped with Pentium processors).

= Rack Servers =
Model name

Refer to the guide below for enable Secured-Core.

PDF Express5800 Secured-core Servers Enabling Guide

Windows Server 2022 Hyper-V®

Support information about Windows Server 2022 Hyper-V is available here.

Technical Information

NIC Teaming (LBFO)

Refer to the guide below for configurations of NIC teaming, and notes and restrictions.

PDF Windows Server 2022 NIC Teaming (LBFO) Setup Guide



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