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NEC Express5800 Server Series
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 Support Kit

NEC Express5800/120Rh-1

Product code: N8100-1388F, -1389F, -1390F, -1391F, -1392F, -1394F, -1395F, -1396F, -1397F, -1398F, -1401F, 1402F, 1405F, -1438F, -1439F

Windows Server 2008 Support Information

The above NEC products becomes available for Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 by applying the NEC Express5800 Windows Server 2008 Support Kit, which is a generic name of the module groups for supporting Windows Server 2008 and is delivered through this page.

About installing Windows Server 2008

The installation procedure is detailed in the Installation Guide downloadable from this page.
Read carefully the guide and this page before installing the Support Kit.

  • Download necessary driver modules for installing Windows Server 2008 from the tables below and expand them on CD-R or other media.
    Refer to the Installation Guide or Readme.txt included in each module for details on how to expand the modules.
  • BIOS update is required to install Windows Server 2008. Refer to the introduction shown at downloading and the Readme.txt included in the downloaded data.
  • RAID drive configuration must be completed before Windows Server 2008 installation. Refer to the User's Guide.
  • Activation is required.
  • Use the Support Kit for the Windows Server 2008 installation as NEC EXPRESSBUILDER bundled with the 120Rh-1 does not support Windows Server 2008 installation.

Notes for using Windows Server 2008 Operating System

  • Use NEC EXPRESSBUILDER bundled with the 120Rh-1 to install the Express Report Service.
  • When using N8103-116, N8103-117, or N8103-118, do not allow the state of hibernation and standby to prevent the malfunction during Patrol Read, Rebuild, and Consistency Check.
  • On-board RAID is not supported.

Notes for using Windows Server 2008 Server Core

  • AFT/ALB function is not supported.
  • NEC ESMPRO Manager is not supported.
  • To use NEC ESMPRO Agent on Server Core, go to Note for NEC ESMPRO Agent.
  • The Express Report Service module in the EXPRESSBUILDER bundled with the 120Rh-1 is not supported.

Notes for using Hyper-V

  • Hyper-V operates only on the x64 architecture.
  • Hyper-V beta version is out of guarantee by Microsoft corporation and NEC Corporation.

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Windows Server 2008 Support Kit

[Download modules]
Module name Download
Installation Guide
Installation Guide Download (PDF 2.53 KB)
Drivers for Windows Server 2008
NEC Express5800 Driver Kit Download
N8190-127 Fibre Channel Controller Download
N8190-131 Fibre Channel Controller (2ch) Download
System BIOS
DOS version Download
Windows version Download
Utilities / Tools
NEC ESMPRO Manager, Agent List
Universal RAID Utility Ver. 1.31 Download

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